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People collect phone cards for a variety of reasons, but the majority collect them for the same reasons others might collect stamps, coins, and sports trading cards.

The IMAGES pictured on the phonecards are of the most interest. Disney is the #1 collectible in the world, by a big margin. Coca-Cola is second. Maybe YOU have a favorite topic? Ok - Search for it above! 

$2. 16th Nat'l Sports Show (St. Louis) Coke 'Red Hot Summer '95'

5m 1994 Disneyana III Convention (Dancing Flowers) USED

Some people are interested in Corporate names and promotions. Many workers from IBM might Love to own an IBM phone card. Many AT&T workers may want to own AT&T phone cards. What about animals, or Star Trek, or Marilyn Monroe, McDonald's, or Elvis?
Sometimes collectors become speculators and buy merchandise for "investment". Cards can go up in value (The 1st AT&T card issued in 1992 sells for over $1000.), but they can also go down in value. We've seen a NYNEX $1. phone card go from $1700. down to $125., and a Sprint card go from $50. down to $4.

$10. John F. Kennedy B&W Photo Hand on Chin. 'President Kennedy'

$10. First Supersonic Flight Post Stamp #93102 Expire 8/31/98 (USED)


SO - our advice has always been to collect for enjoyment. Sure ... if you want to buy two of an item so that you might someday trade the extra for a different issue you want; that's okay. But don't "invest" or speculate with collectibles specifically to make money. 


If you're a phone card company, dealer, manufacturer, printer, or phone card collector and you want to SELL your phone cards, please contact us. We are interested in buying them!

Though we buy ALL USA issued phone cards, we are most interested in the USA phone cards that we do NOT list on this website, and those where we have none (N/A) for sale. For a listing of those we describe but are not available for sale, please, click here.

Comments, suggestions? Looking for a phone card that is not listed? Contact Us. Phone Card Department
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